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We have put this site together to allow you to have your say without risking your life on the roads, although it is a fun site, it is at the same time serious. Road Rage and bad driving kill people, so lets name and shame these bastards and hopefully get them off our roads, or raise awareness of the problem we face daily - while having some fun of course :-)

Recently Added RoadHogs :

2016-05-28 @ 7:30am-8am
CA754853 / Cape Town
While driving behind this guy he just stopped in the middle of the road and ke... more

2016-05-29 @ 10:45
CV60LNGP / Johannesburg
Driver was speeding and weaving between lanes without indicating. in general, ... more

2016-05-28 @ 14:55
RMM030 / Johannesburg
This fool drives the wrong way down a one-way, and expects the oncoming traffi... more

2016-05-26 @ 17:00
DT77VPGP / Johannesburg
Drunk driving. on occation picking up a toddler (22months) old while intoxicat... more

2016-05-27 @ 07H15
CP63PFGP / Boksburg
Driver was speeding (at least 150 - 160)and driving thru the traffic as if he ... more

2016-05-27 @ 07:30
DXY596MP / Cape Town
This morning i was driving the speed limit of the road and he came to overtake... more

2016-05-26 @ 17h20
JZS816GP / Boksburg
Road rage and vandalsm... more

2016-05-25 @ 15h30
JAKOMA / Sandton
Driver of said mercedes came up from the back of a row of flowing traffic, saw... more

2016-05-25 @ 18:16
BTJ953B / Randburg
Police vehicle, no lights. didn't stop at stop street and then made a dangerou... more

2016-05-25 @ 4:00
PSM808GP / Johannesburg
Driver cut into the fast lane without indicating almost driving into my vehicl... more

2016-05-24 @ 16.34
FF67MHGP / Boksburg
Pushes in front of everyone with no indicators and driving like a a- hole... more

2016-05-25 @ 07:16
BS42WBGP / Johannesburg
Cut me off 3 times before the high way, scratched my vehicle, sweared me and d... more

2016-05-25 @ 07:25 am
KZY766GP / Johannesburg
Moron was talking on his cellphone and decided to change lanes. he nearly drov... more

2016-05-24 @ 16.30
UA / Roodepoort
Drove fast when two lanes merged into one lane he didn't want to give me way s... more

2016-05-24 @ 13:53
CF34825 / Cape Town
Wheel spinning and speeding in a neighbourhood. use of handbrake while car is ... more

2016-05-23 @ 10:15
DZ86FRGP / Johannesburg
Driver was speeding, weaving without indicating and generally driving badly.... more

2016-05-23 @ 13:20
CA636 / Cape Town
Mercedes driver is behind me in a single lane and decides to force me off the ... more

2016-05-22 @ 2:10Pm
CA33507 / Cape Town
At about 2:10pm today the car pictured below ca 33507 jumped the stop street o... more

2016-05-21 @ 20h17
CJ39272 / Other
Driver was overtaking me on the left shoulder at excess speeds. i had to driv... more

2016-05-21 @ 10:35am
YTX231GP / Johannesburg
Driving like a maniac,not indicating when changing lanes... more

2016-05-20 @ 15h40
DY68XJGP / Johannesburg
He was in the left hand lane which is for left turn only. there was a queue in... more

2016-04-27 @ 10:28
JDK568NW / Boksburg
Drove very recless, almost taking out two girls in white bmw who stopped at ro... more

2016-05-20 @ 7H45
UAS1 / Pretoria
I turned left into grootfontein , the person in the bmw did not even wait for ... more

2016-05-20 @ 05:55
BS61YNGP / Centurion
Speeding on n14. (160km p/h) speeds up behind other vehicles. hoots and flashe... more

2016-05-20 @ 06:15
CD24BB / Pretoria
I was driving with my 2 minor children on the n1 heading south. we were the o... more

2016-05-19 @ 18:15pm
NU8741 / Durban
Turning from wrong lane. swiping through at a high speed.... more

2016-05-19 @ 5.25Pm
DD79ZYG / Alberton
Driver tends not to use indicators and just about pushed us off the road as sh... more

2016-05-18 @ -7:15
DD68SBGP / Johannesburg
Speeds up behind other vehicles, hoots and flashes his lights and when you don... more

2016-05-17 @ 1420
DZ56SNGP / Cape Town
Pushed me out of the way to get into lane, when i had already let a car in - h... more

2016-05-18 @ 07h50
ND676840 / Durban
Rising sun newspaper bakkie pulled out of bowker rd when i was only 20 metres ... more

2016-05-17 @ 7:25 Am
FB04HDGP / Boksburg
Speeding like mad up barry marais traveling from south to north at van dyk par... more

2016-05-15 @ 20h30
VVR225GP / Johannesburg
Speeding and aggressive driving. reckless driving. flashing lights and pushing... more

2016-05-15 @ 16:30
AGHAWP / Cape Town
First almost took out two girls in a corsa passing on a white line cutting in ... more

2016-05-15 @
WHT496GP / Johannesburg
5+ pax in driver cabin, vehicle driving 100 in a 60 zone during heavy rain and... more

2016-05-15 @ 11:00
DBV681GP / Roodepoort
Driving recklessly in public and endangering other people. ... more

2016-05-14 @ 16h15
DZ88XMGP / Krugersdorp
Skipping burned red. had to wait for this driver to race through the red at 80... more

2016-04-14 @ 16:25
Overtaking, blind corners, mountain pass, double white line. should be locked ... more

2016-05-12 @ 7:50
CA288236 / Cape Town
This car was behind me while i was trying to turn right. he was impatient and ... more

2016-05-11 @ 1632
CD07WK / Krugersdorp
Pulled out of right lane right in front of another oncoming vehicle, where the... more

2016-05-10 @ 6.45
BP48KVGP / Boksburg
Swearing and attacking verbally... more

2016-05-11 @ 07H35
WPR210GP / Benoni
Turn in straight only lanes and go straight in turn only lanes... more

2016-05-11 @ 07H10
PYG574GP / Centurion
R55 direction olivienhout, before n14, drive comes from extreme left lane to ri... more

2016-05-10 @
CA627751 / Cape Town
Ca 627 751 taxi almost drove me off the road on the n2 and a traffic cop was... more

2016-05-09 @
BH06BJGP / Johannesburg
Cutting in front of multiple people, can't wait your turn like the rest of us?... more

2016-05-07 @ 22:30
HHD802MP / Witbank
He sped through a red robot side swiping my car. i chased after him and hooted... more

2016-05-07 @ 17H45
GDP506FS / Welkom
Driving recklessly whilst speeding and passing me on the wrong side, almost hi... more

2016-05-05 @ 06:20
CA954176 / Cape Town
Overtakes on the yellow lanes and zig zag between traffic without using indica... more

2016-05-05 @ 06:15
CA955642 / Cape Town
Ignore stop street crossing at the end of southfield, that i had to brake hard... more

2016-05-03 @ 16:10
DK23RLGP / Germiston
Speeding, overtaking where it's not safe to do so. very aggressive ... more

2016-04-28 @ 07:30am
SKW958GP / Johannesburg
I pulled out of my drive way. this driver came up behind me very aggressively ... more

2016-05-05 @ 7H50 AM
EKS234GP / Boksburg
Speeding and not stopping at stop street corner keurboom and essenhout streets... more

2016-05-05 @
ZDG203GP / Johannesburg
Weaving changing lanes without signaling and speeding... more

2016-05-04 @ 16:50
FRN592EC / Port Elizabeth
Turned into my lane almost into me. i had to on slam on brakes. was then speed... more

2016-05-03 @ 06H40
DS11XHGP / Other
Overtake at high speed on gravel road giving no chance to slow down or get out... more

2016-05-04 @ 05:10
ZRP821GP / Randburg
Passing through red lights as if are not meant for trucks... more

2016-05-03 @ 17:10
CY297872 / Cape Town
Cut in front of me in traffic without indicating or allowing me time to react.... more

2016-05-03 @ 2:00pm
NP28846 / Pietermaritzburg
Weaving through traffic recklessly pushing people off their lanes, changing la... more

2016-05-02 @ 06:06 pm
CAW95423 / Other
Dangerous overtaking on yellow lane with both left wheels on the gravel, pushi... more

2016-05-02 @ 06:06PM
CAW95423 / Other
Driving on the n1 outside worcester alongside goudini, the road split into two... more

2016-05-02 @ 18h25
CH53DLGP / Johannesburg
I asked the driver to drop me off on cnr bree & joubert street, he insisted t... more

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