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We have put this site together to allow you to have your say without risking your life on the roads, although it is a fun site, it is at the same time serious. Road Rage and bad driving kill people, so lets name and shame these bastards and hopefully get them off our roads, or raise awareness of the problem we face daily - while having some fun of course :-)

Recently Added RoadHogs :

2016-06-28 @ 12:43
BM92HWGP / Other
Failed to stop at a stop light... more

2016-06-28 @ 11:21:14
CL22357 / Cape Town
Brazenly running red light. i think this was accidental, not deliberate, as sh... more

2016-06-26 @ 2.50 pm
BZ51TTGP / Pretoria
Almost drove and pushed me off the road twice. over took on solid lines multip... more

2016-06-24 @ 08:15am
KZN251GP / Johannesburg
Driving up n1 towards bloemfontein, left lane merges in, she drives while text... more

2016-06-24 @ 7:30
CT52TTGP / Johannesburg
Overtaking on blind corner at excessive speed with young child in back that ha... more

2016-06-23 @ 7:30
DF95JCGP / Roodepoort
Swerving dangerously between cars, forcing the majority off the road just in o... more

2016-06-23 @ 7am
GP / Durban
Unisa area, cutting in front of vehicles, putting indicater on only when alrea... more

2016-06-22 @ 15h18
CA491377 / Cape Town
Watch out for this raging loony & its mental, verbal abuse hurling co-pilot . ... more

2016-06-21 @ 17h20
CA13615 / Cape Town
Cutting off other vehicles rapid lane changes not indicating... more

2016-01-27 @ 7:20am
NP719994 / Durban
Both vehicles where in stationary traffic on an incline going up eastbury driv... more

2016-06-22 @ 08:00
XRM471GP / Pretoria
Pushed in front of me by taking a gab because a truck was in her lane. i hoote... more

2016-06-20 @ 17:00
MNN041GP / Benoni
Driver speeding in peak hour traffic, couldn't find his brakes scraped past m... more

2016-06-21 @
NPS90898 / Durban
Shelly beach - at traffic light driver cut in front of me and cut me off, drov... more

2016-06-20 @ 11:55
ZBR159GP / Pretoria
Ignored a red traffic light... more

2016-06-20 @ 6:29am
CY140165 / Cape Town
No space for vehicle to come over from left lane into right lane. driver just ... more

2016-06-19 @
HUGO01GP / Kempton Park
Speeding weaving in & out of lanes flashing people to move (speeding) cuttin... more

2016-06-16 @ 17h00
CV14274 / Other
Jaag tussen woonhuise op openbare pad.... more

2016-06-15 @ 18.16
CA75937 / Cape Town
Campground road narrows from 2 lanes to 1 at the sandown road robots. cars in... more

2016-06-13 @ 18h00
NOPLATES / Kempton Park
Rider ignored traffic lights not working at vw intersection. he failed to sto... more

2016-06-12 @ 09H00
NO REG / Krugersdorp
Traffic waiting on hendrik potgeiter to move off and this wanker overtakes eve... more

2016-06-10 @ 8:35AM
B722ALE / Cape Town
Driver was coming off the r27 to merge with n1. instead of giving way to faste... more

2016-06-10 @ 14:28
CZ99KFGP / Pretoria
Does not keep on his side of the road around a turn.... more

2016-06-08 @ 15:30
CP41TLGP / Johannesburg
I accidentally drove into the back of this woman's car. after pulling over and... more

2016-06-08 @ 10:30
BW38BRGP / Centurion
Breaking and entering premises uninvited, didn't get into the house... more

2016-06-01 @ 15h47
NPN64175 / Durban
This idiot was driving a truck with ice link signage on it alongside me and th... more

2016-06-08 @ 07h10
HHV321MP / Pietermaritzburg
Truck with trailer with registration number hhv321mp and container load speedi... more

2016-06-08 @ 07:23am
NO REG / Durban
Driving on oncoming lane - on a blind rise didn't give a though for the unsuspe... more

2016-06-06 @ 5:45 pm
CA382698 / Cape Town
In peak-hour traffic with our cars at a stand still this woman blatantly pulls... more

2016-05-30 @ 06:11
CA268516 / Cape Town
Drive through stop streets - do not use indicators at all... more

2016-06-06 @ 16:45
KZN21039 / Durban
Typical government above the law. illegal right turn, i.e. turning right from ... more

2016-06-06 @ 7:30 am
NPN464 / Other
There was the usual backed-up traffic due to citizens dealing with a stop stre... more

2016-06-05 @
UBERG33KWP / Cape Town
Cut in front of cyclist whole had the right of way at an intersection - failed... more

2016-06-05 @ 2 p.m.
BT02DZGP / Hermanus
This is not technically a somerset west event since it happened at gateway ma... more

2016-06-01 @ 07.13 am
DB31FRGP / Roodepoort
Driver comes from left lane and turns right into wilgerood rd; swirving into t... more

2016-06-02 @ 12:10
GGS022G / Durban
Driver has no regard for other drivers on the road, he will cause an accident ... more

2016-06-02 @ 07:00
DR66GCGP / Centurion
Reckless driving. taxi was driving in the wrong lane opposite a pre- primary sc... more

2016-06-02 @ 08:00
WKL358GP / Midrand
Driver was driving in the emergency lane and pushed in front of me. i had to s... more

2016-06-02 @ 07:10
CT1035 / Cape Town
Can't drive for shit. will go 60 then 30 then 70 then 40 - kept changing the s... more

2016-06-01 @ 17h10
FG87SFGP / Kempton Park
This driver is reckless to say the least. first comes past speeding then when ... more

2016-06-01 @ 17h13
FG87SFGP / Kempton Park
This lady speeds and then cuts you. no use of indicators and no regard for oth... more

2016-06-01 @ 11:35
VGC033GP / Johannesburg
Driver, who was talking on his cellphone while driving, went through a red rob... more

2016-06-01 @ MORNING
BK24GYGP / Johannesburg
Driving on emergency lane and waiting to cut into last lane. note: cannot se... more

2016-06-01 @ MORNING
YVV733GP / Johannesburg
No back window,plastic taped onto taxi being used as replacement. changed lane... more

2016-06-01 @ 08:05
FYR242EC / Johannesburg
Disregard for road lane markings and stop signs. general reckless driving for ... more

2016-05-28 @ 7:30am-8am
CA754853 / Cape Town
While driving behind this guy he just stopped in the middle of the road and ke... more

2016-05-29 @ 10:45
CV60LNGP / Johannesburg
Driver was speeding and weaving between lanes without indicating. in general, ... more

2016-05-28 @ 14:55
RMM030 / Johannesburg
This fool drives the wrong way down a one-way, and expects the oncoming traffi... more

2016-05-26 @ 17:00
DT77VPGP / Johannesburg
Drunk driving. on occation picking up a toddler (22months) old while intoxicat... more

2016-05-27 @ 07H15
CP63PFGP / Boksburg
Driver was speeding (at least 150 - 160)and driving thru the traffic as if he ... more

2016-05-27 @ 07:30
DXY596MP / Cape Town
This morning i was driving the speed limit of the road and he came to overtake... more

2016-05-26 @ 17h20
JZS816GP / Boksburg
Road rage and vandalsm... more

2016-05-25 @ 15h30
JAKOMA / Sandton
Driver of said mercedes came up from the back of a row of flowing traffic, saw... more

2016-05-25 @ 18:16
BTJ953B / Randburg
Police vehicle, no lights. didn't stop at stop street and then made a dangerou... more

2016-05-25 @ 4:00
PSM808GP / Johannesburg
Driver cut into the fast lane without indicating almost driving into my vehicl... more

2016-05-24 @ 16.34
FF67MHGP / Boksburg
Pushes in front of everyone with no indicators and driving like a a- hole... more

2016-05-25 @ 07:16
BS42WBGP / Johannesburg
Cut me off 3 times before the high way, scratched my vehicle, sweared me and d... more

2016-05-25 @ 07:25 am
KZY766GP / Johannesburg
Moron was talking on his cellphone and decided to change lanes. he nearly drov... more

2016-05-24 @ 16.30
UA / Roodepoort
Drove fast when two lanes merged into one lane he didn't want to give me way s... more

2016-05-24 @ 13:53
CF34825 / Cape Town
Wheel spinning and speeding in a neighbourhood. use of handbrake while car is ... more

2016-05-23 @ 10:15
DZ86FRGP / Johannesburg
Driver was speeding, weaving without indicating and generally driving badly.... more

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