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We have put this site together to allow you to have your say without risking your life on the roads, although it is a fun site, it is at the same time serious. Road Rage and bad driving kill people, so lets name and shame these bastards and hopefully get them off our roads, or raise awareness of the problem we face daily - while having some fun of course :-)

Recently Added RoadHogs :

2017-07-26 @ 15:50
CEY24504 / Cape Town
On thursday afternoon at 15:50 voortrekker road passing the cemetery, before t... more

2017-07-27 @ 6:45
WWL646GP / Randburg
Driver tailgates people and flashes his lights so people will nove out of the ... more

2017-07-25 @ 10:45am
CP90VVGP / Johannesburg
Turned right at a red robot at the corner of south and rivonia and almost caus... more

2017-07-25 @ 28:20
009APLGP / Roodepoort
Driving in emergency lane hooting and flashing brights at any vehicle that slo... more

2017-07-25 @ 06:52
CY286131 / Cape Town
Road over red robot at intersection and intimidating driver with the right of ... more

2017-07-24 @
FF62SSGP / Centurion
The winner of the 'i drive like a d**s' award. she almost pushed me off the ro... more

2017-07-23 @ 12H00
CY95450 / Cape Town
Force you out the way and then cuts you of and then turn infront of other cars... more

2017-07-21 @ 08:15
FC82VVGP / Centurion
Speeding very recklessly on the n14 north after the r55 in a road construction... more

2017-07-20 @ 07H05
LFW020GP / Johannesburg
I want to lodge a complaint on your bus driver. detail of the bus: ekurhulen... more

2017-07-19 @ 11:40am
RNN277GP / Johannesburg
Driver decided to bypass traffic by going into the "right turn only" lane and ... more

2017-07-17 @ 08:00
CD45TBGP / Johannesburg
Cd45tbgp hogs the right lane on the n3 and refuses to let other cars pass. cle... more

2017-07-16 @ 13:45
008GJTGP / Sandton
At a busy petrol station (shell) after filling up, lady refused to move the ca... more

2017-07-14 @ 15:54
SFW326GP / Kempton Park
Drinking and driving... more

2017-07-13 @ 1:45pm
XTD675 / Germiston
This driver overtook me on a solid white line on an offramp. i hooted as he al... more

2017-07-04 @ 8:55am
FN05JRGP / Pretoria
Failed to yield despite two yield signs being present. didn't even slow down.... more

2017-07-12 @ 06:45
DF47FCGP / Sandton
After traffic light turns green, this guys speeds down the right turning lane ... more

2017-07-11 @ 12:10
FV95KDGP / Krugersdorp
At merge lane cut me off and nearly caused an accident. a real "gem" ... more

2017-07-10 @ 6:45
DH58SGGP / Pretoria
Heavily irritated and irritating white female driver. daily occurrence. drivin... more

2017-07-09 @ 19H55
HKE924EC / Cape Town
I was driving 120 in the fast lane when this taxi came out of nowhere and star... more

2017-07-06 @ 18:18
CD25WZ / Boksburg
Change lanes pushing me into barior after driving about half a meter from my b... more

2017-07-06 @ 16:15
CT29CWGP / Johannesburg
Driver trying to force me off the road and then pointed a gun at me, violent b... more

2017-07-04 @ 7:30AM
CY181581 / Cape Town
Male coloured, drives with high beams and very dangerous following distance fl... more

2017-06-27 @ 12:45
DG87PGGP / Johannesburg
Drove on my tail then over took me cutting me off. when i hooted he slammed on... more

2017-06-30 @ 4h30
MSJ398GP / Johannesburg
I was pushed off the road , driver cut in front of me and got out of his car t... more

2017-06-29 @ 16h50
CN34ZZGP / Cape Town
Scratching in glove compartment and driving over double lanes. totally distrac... more

2017-07-02 @ 16:50
FP08RZGP / Other
Vehicle overtook me on r512 near lesedi village. another car was coming from t... more

2017-07-02 @ 16:50
FP88RZGP / Other
Vehicle overtook me on r512 near lesedi village. another car was coming from t... more

2017-07-01 @ 16:20
VMX776 / Sandton
3 kids driving and acting recklessly. playing very loud music. shouting at oth... more

2017-06-30 @ ~13:08
CZ35HGGP / Johannesburg
I was walking across the road to get inside my uber. was already in the road w... more

2017-06-12 @ 15h46
MLS143GP / Sandton
Without any apparent concern, this man threw the naartjie peel out the window... more

2016-06-01 @ 16:00
CF207533 / Cape Town
This special person thinks his car is special and on 2 seperate occasions i to... more

2017-06-27 @ 14:45
FS52JGGP / Pretoria
Attempting to push me off my lane. this happened just outside duncan walk shop... more

2017-06-27 @ 13:45
HCG443NW / Klerksdorp
Minor sitting in front seat and seem to not be wearing a deftly belt. driver w... more

2017-06-27 @ 07:22
DJ69NSGP / Rustenburg
Driver didn't stop at three-way stop at kloof road. went right through stop i... more

2017-06-26 @ 12:46pm
FG95WLGP / Pretoria
Video evidence. ran a red robot. several car lengths behind white line when li... more

2017-06-25 @ 18:03
XHF542GP / Johannesburg
Driving drunk, swerving on the highway. almost caused 2 seperate accidents on ... more

2017-06-22 @ 12:10pm
FG03HZGP / Johannesburg
Excessive speed, weaving in and out of traffic without indicating and overtaki... more

2017-06-24 @ 07:40
FM24TJGP / Midrand
Driver sped through a red robot, almost colliding with my car. then saw that h... more

2017-06-26 @ 07h17
FN84YXP / Pretoria
Skipping red light without even slowing down to check for oncoming traffic. se... more

2017-06-22 @ 07:40
CF195150 / Roodepoort
On mouton - i was in the lane next to him when he changed lanes. upon making h... more

2017-06-20 @ 13:15
004SMKGP / Pretoria
Driver did not yield at a mini circle and drove through the circle at high spe... more

2017-06-19 @ 17:22
FN10NJGP / Cape Town
This driver purposefully went through a 4 way stop causing my i swurve into th... more

2017-06-19 @ 08:40
ND52806 / Johannesburg
Robots out on witkoppen road by caltex garage, this special person with no res... more

2017-06-18 @ 17:30
CF173175 / Other
Driving extremely irresponsible. overtaking cars in left yellow lane numerous ... more

2017-06-18 @ 17:15
CA224604 / Other
Overtaking multiple cars over solid lines in a bend forcing oncoming vehicles ... more

2017-06-15 @ 11:55
NHV686GP / Midrand
Accelerated ~15m to run through a red light at the intersection of seventh rd ... more

2017-06-17 @ 19:40
CA584927 / Pretoria
Skipped robot knowing its red and high speed in residential area.... more

2017-06-16 @ 14:00
BS68LKGP / Johannesburg
Assault did not yield and let me drive forward. then drove at me and my bf i... more

2017-06-15 @ 2pm
CK60NKGP / Johannesburg
This guy blatantly drove through a red light exiting kyalami business park, he... more

2017-06-14 @ 11H00
TMH139GP / Klerksdorp
The driver of this truck skiped the red light, and overtake the traffic on th... more

2017-06-11 @ 12:00
CY73007 / Cape Town
I, admittedly, am one of those drivers that intentionally park over parking ba... more

2017-06-14 @ 07:15
FC96XMG / Johannesburg
Texting and using phone while driving on the n3. left lane, all the way going ... more

2017-06-13 @ 7:19am
CF222148 / Cape Town
Corner of frans conradie & turndale street spitefully stops in middle of the ro... more

2017-06-09 @ 13h50
CA681051 / Cape Town
3 taxis drove thru red robot - ca681051 been the 3rd one. didn't get first and... more

2017-06-09 @
CA425233 / Cape Town
Stopping on red line... more

2017-06-11 @ 9:45
CA363949 / Cape Town
So called driving instructor, trying to overtake me in the emergency lane on a... more

2017-06-10 @ 16.00
SIM911GP / Rustenburg
Parking illegally (disabled parking)... more

2017-06-09 @ 12:15
EUFUAMOR / Johannesburg
Skipped a red light,then went in front of oncoming traffic,waved obscene signs... more

2017-06-08 @
UNKNOWN / Johannesburg
The driver of this vehicle suddenly stopped on a corner without any hazard/war... more

2017-06-09 @ 08:11
BZ56HMGP / Pretoria
This very expensive vehicle appeared to have no functional indicators. i would... more

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