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We have put this site together to allow you to have your say without risking your life on the roads, although it is a fun site, it is at the same time serious. Road Rage and bad driving kill people, so lets name and shame these bastards and hopefully get them off our roads, or raise awareness of the problem we face daily - while having some fun of course :-)

Recently Added RoadHogs :

2023-11-24 @
ZXL311GP / Randburg
Doesn't bother to stop at stop streets - it could have caused an accident! cl... more

2023-11-23 @ 17:15
HH05JBGP / Johannesburg
Driver of the bmw was over taking in the yellow line, he got to the end of the... more

2023-11-21 @ 07H50
JJ44MDGP / Randburg
Didn't bother to stop at a stop street and almost caused an accident!... more

2023-11-21 @ 13:44
FB52VDGP / Randburg
When the car in front slowed down for the rumble strips the driver recklessly ... more

2023-11-21 @ 13:40
FB52VDGP / Randburg
Didn’t stop at 3-way stop along monkor drive... more

2023-11-16 @ 08H00
SCC403GP / Other
Cuts in front of traffic that you have to hit brakes to avoid hitting him. th... more

2023-11-15 @ 08H00
SRT148GP / Randburg
Drives down a one way the wrong way despite road markings?... more

2023-11-17 @ 07:55
KX28DPGP / Randburg
Comes racing out of olivewood complex every day cutting in front of traffic wi... more

2023-11-13 @ 15:30
LAW014GP / Randburg
Driver so distracted he absolutely flew through a 4 way stop. video footage sh... more

2023-11-13 @ 08:10
BUZYBEEGP / Randburg
Impatient and pushy driver pulls out of queue turning right and proceeds to tu... more

2023-11-11 @ 19:50
PNTELEFS / Bloemfontein
Passing on left in yellow line. speeding. passing over solid line, pusing afte... more

2023-11-10 @
FWZ012FS / Johannesburg
Claiming to be city power employees, in uniform, and vandalize power infrastru... more

2023-11-10 @
MHJ383GP / Johannesburg
Claiming to be city power employees, in uniform, and vandalize power infrastru... more

2023-11-09 @ 08:00
DF88BLGP / Randburg
Every day this driver drives through stop streets, ignores robots, turns sudde... more

2023-11-07 @ 08H00
DKF324FS / Other
He almost hit another car when he failed to stop at a stop street... more

2023-11-07 @ 07H50
DKF324FS / Randburg
Almost caused an accident when he didn't bother to stop at a stop street. he ... more

2023-11-06 @ 06h50
FD04CYGP / Pretoria
Driver turned without indicating. i had to slam on brakes. i proceeded to hoot... more

2023-11-01 @ 07H40
PKN898GP / Randburg
Doesn't bother to stop at a stop street - just cuts in front of a person and a... more

2023-10-27 @ 16:30
DH70LZGP / Other
Overtaking while cars are coming. had to swerve out of the way. ... more

2023-10-26 @ 15:19
DW03JCGP / Randburg
Driving erratically, total disregard for others and traffic signs. speeding th... more

2023-10-25 @ 07H50
CL09LVGP / Randburg
Dangerously cut in front of me that had the right of way. i had to hit brakes... more

2023-10-24 @ 08:00
DP53KHGP / Randburg
He overtaking cars at high speed in suburb crossing solid lines. push other ca... more

2023-10-20 @ 09H15
DP69KMGP / Randburg
Driver stopped extremely close to the back of my vehicle and then sat revving ... more

2023-10-18 @
LF64HWGP / Johannesburg
Stopped on yellow marking indicating space to leave open for entrance at robot... more

2023-10-14 @ 12:38
LD80JVGP / Germiston
He didn't care on how bad his driving was. he kept on over taking other cars w... more

2023-10-16 @ 4:00pm
KB08TLGP / Alberton
Reckless driving ,abusive and very violent. ... more

2023-10-15 @ 13:25
VLX055GP / Randburg
Unnecessarily dangerous weaving from left lane between cars to the roght turni... more

2023-10-12 @ 15:15
VND42GP / Pretoria
Reckless driving , looks like a company' viechle... more

2023-10-09 @
FZ58MRGP / Randburg
Speeding & there kids trying to cross the road, then went wide over the line t... more

2023-10-06 @ 08H00
SRT148GP / Randburg
Driver went down a one-way street in the incorrect direction?... more

2023-10-03 @ 08H00
SRT148GP / Randburg
Drove down a one way the wrong way... more

2023-10-03 @ 16h40
MBV848GP / Randburg
Didn't bother to stop at the stop street and almost caused an accident!... more

2023-10-05 @ 06.40
FS00DVGP / Kempton Park
Drop off passengers at air freight interchange then pulls back onto highway t... more

2023-10-04 @
FC28MTGP / Randburg
Painted over 2 parking bays... more

2023-10-04 @
JW32HRGP / Johannesburg
Parked right in front of no parking sign at profmed... more

2023-10-02 @ 07H55
DK51GZGP / Randburg
Failed to stop at the stop street... more

2023-09-27 @ 07H50
VTF575GP / Randburg
Drives well over the speed limit and ensures that he can push you out the way ... more

2023-09-22 @
LG84DLGP / Randburg
Floored it through the kromdraai stop street almost causing an accident. why ... more

2023-09-22 @ 16H35
ZXL311GP / Randburg
Almost caused an accident by not stopping at a stop street, and then proceeded... more

2023-09-23 @ 08H15
MGZ179GP / Randburg
Driver got impatient and started hooting when you don't go fast enough for his... more

2023-09-23 @ 12h50
KX85JXGP / Cape Town
I was driving behind my wife in the left lane of the r300. our little girl was... more

2023-09-21 @ 15:15
HW31LGG / Randburg
Vehicle speeds down hill street - at least 100 km p.h. swerves in front of oth... more

2023-09-21 @ 7:15
HK98YLGP / Randburg
Cut corner over stop lines while talking on cellphone... more

2023-09-19 @ 10:32
KY77LFGP / Germiston
Speeds up and down in residential area daily, car makes backfire noises, keeps... more

2023-09-18 @ 08h30
KT67JFGP / Kempton Park
Overtaking on solid lines and pushing vehicles off the road. harsh braking in... more

2023-09-13 @ 8:41 am
FH63SCGP / Johannesburg
We were driving on oxford turning into bompas. there are already traffic on th... more

2023-09-12 @ 7:25
NO REG / Kempton Park
He was speeding next to me and the was a car infront of him and he just pushed... more

2023-09-12 @ 07:52
SKN824GP / Randburg
Driver speeds through stop streets, ignores traffic lights and turn only lanes... more

2023-09-08 @ 14:22
DW03JCGP / Randburg
Thinks roads belong to him alone. makes sudden turns right in front of other r... more

2023-09-09 @ 10H15
DG96PLGP / Randburg
Almost hit into the back of me when i stopped at a stop sign and he had to swe... more

2023-08-30 @ 17H45
HP66SCGP / Randburg
Didn't bother to stop at the stop street!... more

2023-08-30 @ 07H45
KSL181NW / Randburg
Drives dangerously to the back of a person in a 80km zone!... more

2023-08-29 @ 16H45
BZH817L / Randburg
Driver dangerously cut in front of the traffic and then drove slowly!... more

2023-08-23 @ 15:45
NP204571 / Pietermaritzburg
Driver cut of multiple drivers to get off the highway. driver then proceeds to... more

2023-08-25 @ 08H00
SRT148GP / Randburg
Driver dangerously overtook a few vehicles over a solid white line. she rode ... more

2023-08-24 @ 15:30
KL32ZDGP / Randburg
First turns right across traffic from straight only lane from bond into main s... more

2023-08-24 @ 14h15
FW18WSGP / Krugersdorp
Driver stays in leeu street and refuses to adhere to warnings by community cou... more

2023-08-22 @ 07H45
FWH263FS / Randburg
Driver dangerously overtook over a solid white line well over the speed limit ... more

2023-08-21 @ 21H30
BP39WPGP / Johannesburg
Very drunk driver was driving at high speed along bompas road, hit a pole, spu... more

2023-08-19 @ 11H30
CB08KNGP / Randburg
Drives dangerously close to the back of a person and then does everything to o... more

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