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ZLY327GP - Ford Bantam

Car Reg :
Type : Motor Vehicle
Colour :
Make :
Ford Bantam
Date Of Offence :
Time Of Offence:
City :
Suburb :
Road :
Corlette avenue 
Driver Description :
Talk chubbish man wearing jean's and bosch service center work top. he had brown hair. and co driver was skinny guy with brown short scruffy hair 
Offence Description:
Going across ontdekkers into corlett ave when robot was green and this guy was coming from the left turning into corlett ave from ontdekkers and was driving on my cars backside pushing me so i decided to drive slower and showed my hands as why he was doing this and he carried on. i drove slower because i refused go drive on top of the vehicle in front of me. so when it became two lanes he came next to me and him and his passenger was shouting at me and i told him why must he drive on top of me so then he threw something at my vehicle and then i decided to pick up speed to getaway and then he chased after me. so i decided to slam on brakes so he could go past me and i tried to turn down one of the side roads and he managed to catch up to me. so i stopped at a garage with a security parked by it for assistance as my life felt threatened. i remained in my vehicle and this two guys were shouting at me and threatening me and the security guard stopped them. the driver of that vehicle was taking pictures of my license plate and license disk and tried to take a picture of me. so they left eventually and i was shocked and nervous because i didnt know if they would show up again and now i feel threatened because of the guy taking photos so i don't know if he will try something now.  

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