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YDC624GP - Toyota Quantum 14 seater

Car Reg :
Type : Taxi
Colour :
Make :
Toyota Quantum 14 seater
Date Of Offence :
Time Of Offence:
City :
Kempton Park 
Suburb :
Road :
Driver Description :
Bold african elderly man in his late 50's 
Offence Description:
So as i just took the exit towards or tambo int. airport on r24, on the 2nd fast lane, the quantum taxi driver was driving on the fast lane and without indicating, he changed lanes passing left towards the 2nd fast lane almost bumping me off the lane. so i hoot at him in turn to show that i am on this lane, in case he did not check his blind-spot. but that's when i realized he didn't even care to think of the other road users who could have also gotten hurt if he had bumped me on the driver's side. he hailed out insults and kept pointing at me, so i indicated to change lanes and he cut right in front of me and pumped his brakes i almost hit the back of his taxi, with passengers inside, by the way. he did this for about a km until i decided to slow down and try to change lanes without indicating so i don't give him the indication of which lanes i am changing into to avoid him cutting me off again and risking my life and other road users. i then took down his vehicle registration and then he sped off.  

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