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CF244036 - Unknown

Car Reg :
Type : Motor Vehicle
Colour :
Make :
Date Of Offence :
Time Of Offence:
City :
Cape Town 
Suburb :
Kuilsriver to cape town 
Road :
Driver Description :
Could not see the driver, kept my distance from the car 
Offence Description:
This person was driving all over the 3 lanes, almost hitting the middle cement barriers at times. no indication when he changes lanes, drives on the line in two lanes, then has indicator on at the wrong times or constantly for about 3km or more. at the r300 off ramp he almost colided at the split of the road to the n1. i had to come to a stand still for him to take the off ramp towards n1. he is a danger on the road, he cannot stay in his own lane, he has no steady control of the car, jerks into lanes and in between cars. there were numerous moments when he almost left the road. there are many cars on the road this time of the morning and he needs to be caught before innocent people get hurt. please could the traffic personal be on the look out for this person/car. i am dreading the worst. i saw him again this morning 4 june 2019 at the same time between 0510-0535, again driving as if he is falling asleep behind the wheel. he has a bright red mist light on, on the right side below his break lights. please stop this person from driving!!!! 

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