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CF***** - Toyota Corolla

Car Reg :
Type : Motor Vehicle
Colour :
Make :
Toyota Corolla
Date Of Offence :
Time Of Offence:
City :
Cape Town 
Suburb :
Road :
Driver Description :
Male moron wearing a blue flat cap. 
Offence Description:
I was in the left-most lane on n1 and was changing lanes into the middle lane to get past a slow truck as the car in front of me had done. checked mirror - clear for +50m behind me and everybody cruising at 80km/h - traffic light but no clear road ahead in any lane. start changing lane and check mirror again 50% across - still clear but this moron had also started changing lanes from the fast lane into the middle lane. started flashing his lights at me although he is about 50m behind me and i am almost completely in the middle lane. drives right up to me and keeps flashing his lights - there are cars in front of me and a truck to the left so where am i suppose to go? he changes lanes to the fast lane again pushing in between cars where there is hardly any space - sits on the car in front of him with 1m spacing - guy behind him must brake to create space for him. he gestures, probably at me, and then races off down the n1 changing between the middle and fast lane as he goes - probably 10 times before i lose sight of him. maybe he was in a hurry to do last minute xmas shopping. 

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